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I am trying to resign IPA which was created with older enterprise profile. The older enterprise profile is expired now and I have a new enterprise profile installed (*.mobileprovision).

Question: Is it possible to resign IPA which was created with older enterprise profile using iReSign tool? Now, I am trying to resign with new provisioning profile.

I am using iReSign tool (

I entered following details:

  • path to ipa (which was created with older profile)
  • path to .mobileprovision (new provisioning profile)
  • Certificate name

I get this error:

Signing failed /var/folders/vv/plljljdj5mqc3g0gc5wnv7fr0000gq/T/com.appulize.iresign/Payload/ replacing existing signature codesign_allocate: object: /private/var/folders/vv/plljljdj5mqc3g0gc5wnv7fr0000gq/T/com.appulize.iresign/Payload/ malformed object (unknown load command 21) /var/folders/vv/plljljdj5mqc3g0gc5wnv7fr0000gq/T/com.appulize.iresign/Payload/
**object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable**

**invalid signature (code or signature have been modified)** In architecture: armv7
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As long as your IPA's code signature is still valid, xcrun should work fine:

xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v -o `pwd`/out.ipa --sign YourSigningIdentity --embed new.mobileprovision

If xcrun complains about signatures, you can manually resign and repackage

cp new.mobileprovision
codesign -f -s YourSigningIdentity --resource-rules 
xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v -o `pwd`/out.ipa
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