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Need Help,

I have a deadline coming up and I am stuck in this,

I am totally lost while trying to do the following task: store file uploaded by user from moodle form and access (also download) it from a project outside moodle.

Detailed scenario :

A user will make requests by filling up the requests' form (request form is different for each type of request). User will have to upload following files from the moodle form: * Receipt * Supporting docs

Folders where the files need to be stored: On the server:

  • Uploads/Performa/Request_cardissuance/requestid.pdf
  • Uploads/Performa/Request_degreeissuance/requestid.pdf (Performa is the pdf form the of the request form)
  • Uploads/Receipt/Request_cardissuance/requestid.jpg
  • Uploads/Receipt/Request_degreeissuance/requestid.jpg
  • Uploads/Supporting_docs/Request_cardissuance/requestid.zip
  • Uploads/Supporting_docs/Request_degreeissuance/requestid.zip

A separate php project will have table:

[ Sr. No | Request ID | Request Type ID | Performa | Receipt| Supporting Docs | Action| 1 | 1 | 1 | (link , when clicked downloads the pdf file)|do|do|action link ]

I have Made the moodle form for it and added the filemanager element:

$mform->addElement('filemanager', 'receipt', get_string('receipt_file'), null,
                   array('maxbytes' => $CFG->maxbytes, 'accepted_types' => '*'));

What do I have to do in the view.php after this:

$fromform=$form->get_data() ;

<a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6666572/how-to-store-a-file-in-moodle-so-that-it-is-accessible-for-an-external-applicati">this</a> is what I followed but I get a server error on calling function **get_new_filename()**

Using moodle v2.4.

Your Help will be much appreciated.

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Good luck in doing that. I've also spent a lot of time managing uploads in Moodle's plugins... eventually I've made my users use FTP to upload the files, and then they can get them from a File System Repository (docs.moodle.org/22/en/File_system_repository). Anyway, will the course, and the relative files, be available only for authenticated users? –  franzlorenzon Oct 9 '13 at 8:58

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I think you might want to use the filepicker for each file rather than the filemanager. Then save the files into the folders above.

$mform->addElement('filepicker', 'receipt', get_string('receipt_file'), null,
               array('maxbytes' => $maxbytes, 'accepted_types' => '*'));
$id = $DB->insert_record(...)
$fullpath = "Uploads/Performa/Request_cardissuance/request{$id}.pdf";
$override = true;
$success = $mform->save_file('receipt', $fullpath, $override);


I would recommend using a folder outside of the web root though, unless the documents are public?

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Its not working. And yes thankyou for your recommendation, Ive created the folder outside web root –  user2285414 Oct 30 '13 at 8:07

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