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I want to enforce that certain URLs under my webapp are only accessible by HTTPS, while the rest are only accessible by HTTP. I achieved this with Spring Security 3.1.1 using the following configuration:

<security:intercept-url pattern="/cart" requires-channel="https" />
<security:intercept-url pattern="/login" requires-channel="https" />

With this configuration, when I try to open "/login" under HTTP, I get automatically redirected to "/login" under HTTPS, which is exactly as required. Problem is the status code - redirect is performed with 302 (moved temporary). Is it possible to change that status code to 301 (moved permanently)?

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The same problem has been described in greater details and answered here: Override the ChannelProcessingFilter with Spring Security 3.0.5 does not work

Edit: Another approach is to leave the default retryWithHttpEntryPoint and retryWithHttpsEntryPoint beans and only provide a custom RedirectStrategy implementation.

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