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Is there a class that allows compressing data using Zlib, or is using zlib.dylib directly the only possibility I have?

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NSData+Compression is an easy to use NSData category implementation.


NSData* compressed = [myData zlibDeflate];
NSData* originalData = [compressed zlibInflate];
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The code I found in the link you reported is more complete, as it includes also the part to calculate the CRC32 checksum. – kiamlaluno Dec 18 '09 at 2:29
Great thanx. Also, it may be required to replace inflateInit(&strm) in -zlibInflate to inflateInit2 (&strm, 16+MAX_WBITS) if you get Z_DATA_ERROR (-3) while trying decompressing files created by external utility. – Mike Keskinov Jan 18 '12 at 15:30
URL not found, please update link! Still relevant... – Tore Rudberg May 20 '14 at 7:54

This, maybe: How to gzip Data in Memory Using Objective-C.

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Thank you. It contains the code that I actually need. I don't see the part to save the data in a file, but that is not difficult to write. – kiamlaluno Dec 17 '09 at 22:49

As alternative, there is also objective-zip, which is, "a small Cocoa/Objective-C library that wraps ZLib and MiniZip in an object-oriented friendly way."

Writing a file into a ".zip" archive is simple as executing the following code:

ZipWriteStream *stream = [zipFile writeFileInZipWithName:@"abc.txt" compressionLevel:ZipCompressionLevelBest];
[stream writeData:abcData];
[stream finishedWriting];

The library allows also to read the content of a ".zip" file, and to enumerate the files it contains.

Listing the content of a ".zip" file is done from code similar to the following one.

ZipFile *unzipFile = [[ZipFile alloc] initWithFileName:@"" mode:ZipFileModeUnzip];
NSArray *infos = [unzipFile listFileInZipInfos];

for (FileInZipInfo *info in infos) {
  NSLog(@"- %@ %@ %d (%d)",,, info.size, info.level);

  // Locate the file in the zip

  // Expand the file in memory
  ZipReadStream *read = [unzipFile readCurrentFileInZip];
  NSMutableData *data = [[NSMutableData alloc] initWithLength:256];
  int bytesRead = [read readDataWithBuffer:data];
  [read finishedReading];
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