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Is it possible to apply a DbSyncScopeDescription to an existing SqlCeDatabase?

I'm trying to provision an existing database using a DbSyncScopeDescription built from this database.

This is the code i'm using to test this out. This should give you an idea of what I'm trying to do.

I get a SqlCeException on the last line with the message:

"The specified index does not exist. [ sysChangeTxBsn_idx ]".

private void Test()
    DbSyncScopeDescription scopeDescription =
       new DbSyncScopeDescription("MyScope");

    foreach (string tableName in TableNames)
        DbSyncTableDescription tableDecsription = SqlCeSyncDescriptionBuilder
            .GetDescriptionForTable(tableName, myConnection);

    SqlCeSyncScopeProvisioning scopeProvisioning =
        new SqlCeSyncScopeProvisioning(scopeDescription);

Please let me know if this is possible or if I'm doing something wrong. Thank you, Alex

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One thing that I would try is to use the Skip enumeration value in the call to SetCreateTableDefault.


The tables are already present in the database and you do not need to create them.

Also, I have had problems provisioning SQL Server Compact Edition databases in the past if change tracking has already been enabled.



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Thanks for taking the time to respond. I ended up resturcturing things so that I can apply scope to my SqlCe database when it is created. –  Alex Dec 30 '09 at 15:11

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