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I have a nested TestNG suite-files configuration that works perfectly on Linux, but when I try to run on Windows, the paths get screwed up and I end up with "file not found" exceptions.

The Windows file system structure is like this:


RootSuite.xml looks like this:

<suite name="RootSuite" verbose="2" thread-count="1" parallel="false">
        <suite-file path="subfolder1/ChildSuite.xml" />

ChildSuite.xml looks like this (using a path relative to "subfolder1"):

<suite name="ChildSuite" verbose="2" thread-count="1" parallel="false">
        <suite-file path="subfolder2/GrandChildSuite.xml" />

When I run on Windows, it seems to throw the GrandChildSuite.xml's relative path back to the root of the project. I get an error like:

Running TestSuite
(The system cannot find the path specified)

Again, this works fine on Linux/OSX, so TestNG seems to be able to support relative suite-file paths like this. Also, TestNG is converting the file path separator from / to \. So, that doesn't seem to be the problem.

I am launching TestNG using the Maven Surefire plugin. I have tried both from the command line and from the Eclipse TestNG plugin. Both show the same behavior.

I have not been able to find many examples of people using suite-files in a nested manner like this, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @Nathan please try and see if changing the file seperator pattern from '/' to '\' works or not. also specify the path something like this "./subfolder/subfolder/.." –  Mrunal Gosar Oct 13 '13 at 13:23
Thanks for the suggestion, Mrunal! I will have my Windows colleague try this out (I personally don't have a Windows instance I can try it on any more). –  Nathan Beach Oct 14 '13 at 15:48

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