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I have writen this simple program:

public class WriteExcel {

    private WritableCellFormat timesBoldUnderline;
    private WritableCellFormat times;
    private String inputFile;

public void setOutputFile(String inputFile) {
    this.inputFile = inputFile;

public void write() throws IOException, WriteException {
    File file = new File(inputFile);
    WorkbookSettings wbSettings = new WorkbookSettings();

    wbSettings.setLocale(new Locale("en", "EN"));

    WritableWorkbook workbook = Workbook.createWorkbook(file, wbSettings);
    workbook.createSheet("Report", 0);
    WritableSheet excelSheet = workbook.getSheet(0);


private void createLabel(WritableSheet sheet) throws WriteException {
    // Lets create a times font
    WritableFont times10pt = new WritableFont(WritableFont.TIMES, 10);
    // Define the cell format
    times = new WritableCellFormat(times10pt);
    // Lets automatically wrap the cells

    // Create create a bold font with unterlines
    WritableFont times10ptBoldUnderline = new WritableFont(
            WritableFont.TIMES, 10, WritableFont.BOLD, false,
    timesBoldUnderline = new WritableCellFormat(times10ptBoldUnderline);
    // Lets automatically wrap the cells

    CellView cv = new CellView();

    // Write a few headers
    addCaption(sheet, 0, 0, "Header 1");
    addCaption(sheet, 1, 0, "This is another header");


private void createContent(WritableSheet sheet) throws WriteException,
        RowsExceededException {
    // Write a few number
    for (int i = 1; i < 10; i++) {
        // First column
        addNumber(sheet, 0, i, i + 10);
        // Second column
        addNumber(sheet, 1, i, i * i);
    // Lets calculate the sum of it
    StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();
    Formula f = new Formula(0, 10, buf.toString());
    buf = new StringBuffer();
    f = new Formula(1, 10, buf.toString());

    // Now a bit of text
    for (int i = 12; i < 20; i++) {
        // First column
        addLabel(sheet, 0, i, "Boring text " + i);
        // Second column
        addLabel(sheet, 1, i, "Another text");

private void addCaption(WritableSheet sheet, int column, int row, String s)
        throws RowsExceededException, WriteException {
    Label label;
    label = new Label(column, row, s, timesBoldUnderline);

private void addNumber(WritableSheet sheet, int column, int row,
        Integer integer) throws WriteException, RowsExceededException {
    Number number;
    number = new Number(column, row, integer, times);

private void addLabel(WritableSheet sheet, int column, int row, String s)
        throws WriteException, RowsExceededException {
    Label label;
    label = new Label(column, row, s, times);

public static void main(String[] args) throws WriteException, IOException {
    WriteExcel test = new WriteExcel();
    System.out.println("Please check the result file!");


When I run the program I get:

Exception in thread "main" C:\Users\test\Desktop\Output (Access denied)
    at Method)
    at jxl.Workbook.createWorkbook(
    at excelProcessor.WriteExcel.write(
    at excelProcessor.WriteExcel.main(

My problem is that I cannot output the file. When I do I get this exception. I am running a win 7 machine with eclipse Juno Service Release 2 and JDK 1.6. I have also tried to start eclipse as adminitrator, however, does not work.

I really would appreciate your answers!


My exception points here:

WritableWorkbook workbook = Workbook.createWorkbook(file, wbSettings);

However, do not know what to change...

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@tom nope, just a plain old java-maven project in eclipse juno... – mrquad Oct 8 '13 at 16:17
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Try the following:

  • Ensure any similarly named Excel workbooks (Output) are closed (avoids Excel limitation of only one unique filename open at a time). For best best just close Excel.

  • Try adding an .xls extension:

  • Try removing the forward path and just using the file name:

    test.setOutputFile("Output.xls");  //should go to your project root
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Excellent answer! It worked! – mrquad Oct 9 '13 at 4:34

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