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I'm using inheritance to implmenet a reuseable forms app. Expression parameter can be dependent on one or more other numeric/constant ot other expression parameters (the relation is many to many so heirarchy wont work here). Once all my dependent parameters evaluated them self (calcualted if expression or validated if user input) I can now calculate my self.

I'm looking for a way to subscribe to my siblings but the problem is that during creation the sibling does not neccasarily exists yet.

I set up a small example on this Fiddle.

To see this not working in action lets change the values from the console

d.parameters()[0].value(10) // expecting parameter C to sum up to 20.
d.parameters()[2].value()   // Nothing (this should also update ont he screen).
d.parameters()[1].value(20) // expecting parameter C to sum up to 30.
d.parameters()[2].value()   // Still nothing.

So Ive tried sevral things but i think i'm barking up the wrong tree here.

  • Fetching the parent using ko.dataFor(document.body) or fetching the object from the DOM using the same function.
  • I've played around with deferEvaluation as you can see in the code to force KO to first create the parameters and then apply the binding. seems to do nothing.
  • Tried creating a observableArray with the links to the params and a computed based on the array but the problom remain.

Appreciate any help here.

Bonus question, without losing focus from the main one, somehing I cant explain going on on line 73.

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The KO computeds are just working fine. But your computed property value implementation is incomplete/wrong. Your $.map does not return the values you are not even calling your value() function... here is fixed version: jsfiddle.net/yd6E2 and a lots of var were missing in your fiddle which could lead to unexpected results and polluting the global scope... –  nemesv Oct 8 '13 at 19:26
Thats great man ! Thanks. You know why the $.map for self.parameters in MyModelView is not working ? –  haki Oct 8 '13 at 19:40

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