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I want to call an action when a button is clicked. I have a button for accept a request, so when I click this button I want to call the action actionRequestAcceptence, but this action is being called automatically without clicking the button.

here is the code:

CHtml::imageButton($src.'accept.ico', array('id'=>'accept', 'onClick'=>$this->actionRequestAcceptence($modelr[$j]->idRequest, $model->idUser),'confirm'=>'are you sure?','style'=>'width:32px;height:32px'));

so where is the problem?

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Maybe check this out stackoverflow.com/questions/5246361/… –  The Humble Rat Oct 8 '13 at 18:18

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Well, nothing strange since your are calling actionRequestAcceptence instead of building a link to this action... You should try :

$imageButton = CHtml::imageButton($src.'accept.ico', array('style'=>'width:32px;height:32px'));
$url = array('requestAcceptence','idRequest'=>$modelr[$j]->idRequest,'idUser'=>$model->idUser);
echo CHtml::link($imageButton, $url, array('id'=>'accept', 'confirm'=>'are you sure?'));

You should modifiy idRequest and idUser depending on your action params names.

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