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I am writing a Matlab code and want to have access to it from different desktops so I am keeping everything in dropbox. I'm wondering if there is a way to tell Matlab the current path without changing the code every time I use a different machine. For example the following line is in my code, but I'd like to make it more general for use on every computer. How can I tell MATLAB the correct path to my file?

[num,txt,raw]= xlsread('C:\Users\Zahra\Documents\dropbox \data.xlsx');
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Where is the data stored relative to the place that the MATLAB script is stored? If they're in the same folder you can use xlsread('data.xlsx') and it should work on every computer –  darthbith Oct 8 '13 at 17:35

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You can use a cell array containing your DropBox paths, and test them with isdir embedded in cellfun:

dropbox_path = {'/Users/x/Dropbox/';

dropbox_path = dropbox_path{cellfun(@isdir,dropbox_path)}

Then read your file

[num,txt,raw]= xlsread([dropbox_path 'data.xlsx']);
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Dropbox folder is base64-coded at host.db file in a folder that is situated at AppData folder in Windows. I'm not shure if it is crossplatform, but works at my system and my dropbox.

f = getapplicationdatadir('dropbox', 0, 0);
hostdb = fopen([f '/host.db']);
%skip line
s = fgetl(hostdb);
path = sprintf('%s', base64decode(s));
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