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We have been having some issues where people have been putting files into the folder for the wrong job number. files for 664585_custnum_qty_filetype.dat should be in folder 664585 I am looking for a way to make sure that the files in a given folder all start with the foldername. I have been working with.

FOR /R "V:\Work" %%G in (.) DO (
 Pushd %%G
 REM Echo now in %%G
 for %%a in (.) do set currentfolder=%%~na
    echo %currentfolder%
    REM this is where I would be finding files that dont start the right way.
 Popd )
 Echo "back home"

trying to combine two other things that I have seen for iterating through folders and finding current directory name

Ultimately I want to list all the files that are out of place so that I can find them and figure out why they're not/who put them there. So I would like to have a program that iterated through all of the folders in V:\work into folders like 665485 and 332185 CustName displaying any files which do not start with 665485 or 332185 respectively.

I do have cygwin on my system, though not enabled all the time, and was considering ls, referencing C:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe directly to avoid it throwing off the normal functionality of some MS commands with the same name.

Any suggestions on how to get my list of files that dont start with the number from the foldername?

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@echo off
for /d %%i in (*) do (if "%%i" NEQ "xArchive" (for /f %%j in ("%%i") do (dir "%%i" /b|for /f %%k in ('find "%%j" /v') do @dir "%%k" /b /s|find "thumbs.db" /v /i|find "xArchive" /v /i))

put this in the directory that contains the numbered folders and run it there. I'll be back in a few hours If you need me to change it. ;)

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This is working like a charm. I get a few various "File Not Found" Errors, but it also spits out exactly what I needed. One small change that I made was, since I'm trying to run this on an automated basis, I directed output to a file zzz.txt (which also had the side benefit of dropping the "File Not Found" since it was error text) and then sending that file as an attachment to myself. – PsychoData Oct 8 '13 at 20:04
My only additional thing that would be on my wishlist is an "ignore" option, because right now it also reports several Thumbs.db type files that would be nice to ignore. It's simple to ingore those, but it would be nice. – PsychoData Oct 8 '13 at 20:06
see edit, to filter more files, add more pipes. ;) – nephi12 Oct 8 '13 at 20:18
please mark as correct answer if this helped you. – nephi12 Oct 8 '13 at 20:21
see edit again. – nephi12 Oct 8 '13 at 20:43

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