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We have two domains.

  1. www.mysite1.com
  2. www.mysite2.com

I have to send user from www.mysite1.com/category/cup.php to www.mysite2.com/details.php. User have to enter some details and when he clicks the next button he will come back to exactly same page form where he was redirected www.mysite1.com/category/cup.php

The only thing is, the URL is changing during this whole procedure.

I don't want to tell the user that he is right now in www.mysite2.com/details.php

Is there any thing(javascript, php, .htaccess or jquery), that I can do to change the URL of the second site to first one from where I am redirecting the user.


I study many question related to such scenario, but didn't find this kind of situation. I know changing the entire url may lead to phishing attacks. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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For security reasons, you can't do that. You can fake it with a frame. –  SLaks Oct 8 '13 at 18:32

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You can use an iframe to show the content of the second site without leaving the first. By giving the iframe a name and adding a target attribute to a form, you can send data from your first to your second domain. If you need the frame to cover all of the page, you can style it using CSS.

<form action="http://www.mysite2.com/details.php" target="details">
    <input type="submit" />

<iframe name="details" />

Then, from the second domain, you can once again use the target attribute of a form to send data back to the first domain in the top window.

<form action="http://www.mysite1.com/category/cup.php" target="_top">
    <input type="submit" />
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