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My work just gave me a quad core computer, and WOW build times are fast! (What used to take 20+ minutes now takes 7 minutes).

Anyway, Visual Studio builds project in parallel (great for build times), but scrambles the output:

1>Performing Makefile project actions

(and so on....)

Is there a plugin that sorts the output when the build is complete?

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How do I enable multi-threaded build? – shoosh Oct 10 '08 at 19:18
It should be automatic is you have a multi-core computer. – Kevin Oct 11 '08 at 8:16
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Selecting the "Build order" item in the "Show output from" dropdown list in the output and errors panes probably does what you are looking for.

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Doh! I didn't even realize that was there! Thanks a ton! :) – Kevin Oct 10 '08 at 18:35

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