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I'm having a tough time trying to figure out this issue.

I'm trying to issue a collection level update that essentially updates all matched records with a number such as:

# I actually am using PHP driver but using the console has the same result
db.my_collection.update( {si: '647522529'}, {$set: {cl:'2'}} );

The above should find all records that are si='647522529' and then update the cl='2'.

The problem is the above command doesn't give any kind of error or warning so it looks like it executed properly, but when I run a distinct command on the 'cl' key it is giving mixed results (2/1):

> db.runCommand( { distinct: 'my_collection', key: 'cl', query: { si: '647522529' } } )
        "values" : [
        "stats" : {
                "n" : 113,
                "nscanned" : 113,
                "nscannedObjects" : 113,
                "timems" : 1,
                "cursor" : "BtreeCursor si_1"
        "ok" : 1

Am I doing something incorrectly? I've tried reindexing the database and that didn't have any effect either.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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By default a mongo update will update a single document. See: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/modify-documents/

You have to provide the optional:

{ multi: true }
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Yep, I missed that option when reading the documentation! –  Joe Oct 9 '13 at 14:48
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db.my_collection.update(Criteria, Update, multi:true)

This should work!

Refer to: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/modify-documents/

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