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I'm completely baffled. I have some very simple code that takes an object and converts it to JSON.

        var vl = JSON.stringify(this.visibleLayers);

This always returns undefined, that is, the variable vl has an undefined value. Yet when I check


in the console, it returns the string I expect. this.visibleLayers is an object, not an array. What could be going on?

EDIT: Adding more code Below the is the method this is being called in. This is using the Dojo AMD style. Bascially I loop through my map layers and their sublayers to indicate, for each, whether or not the layer is currently visible in the map. So I end up with an object that looks like


submitExportCustomMap: function() {
        domStyle.set("pdfRequestFinished", "display", "none");
        domStyle.set("pdfRequestError", "display", "none");
        domStyle.set("pdfRequest", "display", "block");
        registry.byId("printButton").set("disabled", true);
        this.visiblelayers = {};
        var _this = this;

        array.forEach(map.layerIds, function(layer, i1) {
            var ml = map.getLayer(layer);
            _this.visiblelayers[ml.id] = ml.visible;
            var s = array.forEach(ml.layerInfos, function(sublayer, i2){
                if (array.indexOf(ml.visibleLayers, sublayer.id.toString()) !== -1 && ml.visible) {
                    _this.visiblelayers[sublayer.name] = true;
                else {
                    _this.visiblelayers[sublayer.name] = false;

        var vl = JSON.stringify(this.visibleLayers);

        var params = {
            "xMin": this.extent.xmin,
            "yMin": this.extent.ymin,
            "xMax": this.extent.xmax,
            "yMax": this.extent.ymax,
            "Spatial_Reference": this.spatRef,
            "Map_Scale": this.mapScale,
            "Visiblelayers": vl,
            "Layout": this.layout,
            "Map_Title": dom.byId("mapTitle").value,
            "PointGraphics": graph.getFeatureSet("point"),
            "LineGraphics": graph.getFeatureSet("polyline"),
            "PolyGraphics": graph.getFeatureSet("polygon")
        this.cmgp.submitJob(params, lang.hitch(this, this.pdfCompleteCallbackCM), lang.hitch(this, this.pdfStatusCallback), lang.hitch(this, this.pdfErrorCallback));
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using this in the console returns some value? this = window in that case? –  Andrés Torres Oct 8 '13 at 20:29
No, this = my object as expected, with a visibleLayers property (and others). –  Shawn Oct 8 '13 at 20:31
Have you tried calling it as window.JSON.stringify? do you have any other JSON variable on that scope maybe? –  Andrés Torres Oct 8 '13 at 20:37
Same result. The console shows the string properly, the code still shows the variable as undefined. –  Shawn Oct 8 '13 at 20:40
Can you show some of the code? maybe there's something in there you're not seeing, if you can't i really don't have any ideas of what's happening sincerly –  Andrés Torres Oct 8 '13 at 20:41

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Boy do I feel stupid! It turns out I somehow misstyped visibleLayers. Declaring the variable I called is visiblelayers, with a lower case l. Making the stringify call I use visibleLayers, with a capital L. Making them consistent solved all the problems. D'Oh!

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