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I have files in one folder with following naming convention


  • 12345_Dell_20110103.CSV

I want to extract ClientID from the filename and store that in a variable. I am unsure how I would do this. It seems that a Script Task would suffice but I am do not know how to proceed.

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Your options are using Expressions on SSIS Variables or using a Script Task. As a general rule, I prefer Expressions but mentally, I can tell that's a lot of code, or a lot of intertwined variables.

Instead, I'd use the String.Split method in .NET. If you called the Split method for your sample data and provided a delimiter of the underscore _ then you'd receive a 3 element array

  • 12345
  • Dell
  • 20110103.CSV

Wrap that in a Try Catch block and always grab the second element. Quick and dirty but of course won't address things like 12345_Dell_Quest_20110103.CSV but you didn't ask that question.

Code approximate

    string phrase = Dts.Variables["User::CurrentFile"].Value.ToString()
    string[] stringSeparators = new string[] {"-"};
    string[] words;
        words = phrase.Split(stringSeparators, StringSplitOptions.None);
        Dts.Variables["User::ClientName"].Value = words[1];
        ; // Do something with this error
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