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I am running the SimpleHTTPServer from powershell.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080  

I want to exit (control + break) the server without closing the terminal. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Check that link: stackoverflow.com/questions/12647196/… –  Rami A. Oct 8 '13 at 23:57
If you are using powershell 3, use the PSSession cmdlets to run it in a background, and control the parent process. –  Eris Oct 9 '13 at 17:00
Here's another alternative. Ctrl Z: http://superuser.com/a/262948 –  fa wildchild Apr 18 at 14:12

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^C will close it (control + c)

Example of me testing control + c to send an interupt and exit:

PS C:\> python -m http.server 8080
Serving HTTP on port 8080 ...

Keyboard interrupt received, exiting.

Note, I am using http.server as this replaces SimpleHTTPServer in Python 3 but it should work the same for you.

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hey thanks a lot Nathan. worked great –  bcollins Oct 10 '13 at 15:30

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