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I have similar code to

D3.js Collapsible Force Layout: Links are not being generated

and I need to be able to use Hierarchy.links with an accessor function for the children of my data. IE.

links = d3.layout.tree()
          .children(function(d) { return d.children() })

I have to use this accessor function because i'm dynamically getting the children in the function children().

Should I simply monkey patch d3 and change the d3_layout_hierarchyLinks(nodes); function to use an accessor?


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I ended up just using a different method of calcuating the links. Given by mbostock on github

Calculate links by hand:

function computeLinks(nodes) {
  return d3.merge(nodes.map(function(parent) {
    return parent.computeChildren().map(function(child) {
      return {source: parent, target: child};
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