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Is there a way to automate periodic tasks: like sending messages to other users or channels, etc. using python irclib or twisted-based youmomdotcom python irc bot.

Example of irclib based irc client:

from irc import client
class OurIRCClient(client.SimpleIRCClient):
    def __init__(self):

import sys
client = OurIRCClient()

    client.connect("", 6667, myUserId)
    print "connected to"
    "error: coouldn't connect to irc server"
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If you use the Twisted-based solution, you can simply use a LoopingCall to schedule whatever periodic method you want to call.

(If you use irclib it's much harder to do this in a way that works properly in all situations, so I will not include that in my answer here.)

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As Glyph pointed out, i've overridden the instance method connectionMade of the irc client class and made it use LoopingCall.

 def connectionMade(self):
        task.LoopingCall(lambda : (self.msg(counterpartID, "hi there"))).start(5.0)
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