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I'm attempting to use the bnlearn package to calculate conditional probabilities, and I'm running into a problem when the "cpquery" function is used within a loop. I've created an example, shown below, using data included with the package. When using the cpquery function in a loop, a variable created in the loop ("evi" in the example) is not recognized by the function. I receive the error:

Error in parse(text = evi) : object 'evi' not found

The creation steps of "evi" are based on examples provided by the author.

Any help you could provide would be great. I'm desperate to find a way that I can apply the cpquery function for a large number of observations.

fitted = bn.fit(hc(learning.test), learning.test)

bn.function <- function(network, evidence_data) {
  a <- NULL
  b <- nrow(evidence_data)
  for (i in 1:b) {
    evi <- paste("(", names(evidence_data), "=='",
               sapply(evidence_data[i,], as.character), "')",
               sep = "", collapse = " & ")
    a[i] <- cpquery(network, (C=='c'), eval(parse(text=evi)))

test <- bn.function(fitted, learning.test)

Thanks in advance!

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I've been in contact with the author of the bnlearn package, and it appears the error I am receiving is due to a scoping problem with the cpquery function. This is evident when I'm able to get the cpquery function to work properly in a for-loop that is constructed outside of a user-defined function, but have the error when the same for-loop is used inside of a user-defined function. –  H2O_Research Oct 11 '13 at 15:55

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