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After searching this site, I found a similar question which is almost identical to mine (, except that I need a bit more.

I also want to launch ANY browser without tabs, buttons, and address bar. I want browser to have its main window (so Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons are displayed) and nothing else (scrollbars are OK when page is long).

I was able to launch Chrome using "chrome.exe --app=" command, but there is a problem - when I move mouse over any link on website, Chrome displays URL in left bottom corner. If I can prevent it from being displayed, everything would be perfect.

Can someone recommend me a solution? It can be based on ANY browser.

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After lots of research I figured out this is impossible because all the browsers will display balloons (with link/form URL) for security reasons. The only possible solution is to write a custom browser and embed any engine (like IE or Chrome) into it. This is what I had to do to get the problem solved.

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I think you should try to use Chrome's Kios Mode. Run chrome with "kiosk" argument like this: chrome.exe --kios {url}

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