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I have the need to concatenate a string with a field value in a MySQL query in order to LEFT JOIN two tables.

Table one has a column called "category_id" with numeric values, such as 61, 78, 94 and such.

Table two has a column called "query" which refers to a request route mechanism, and it has values such as "product_id=68", "category_id=74", "manufacturer_id=99" and so on.

So in my query I require to join the tables when ever a concatenated string derived from a set string and the value of the "category_id" column matches the query field.

My SQL statement is currently:

SELECT * FROM tableOne 
LEFT JOIN tableTwo
ON tableTwo.query = 'category_id=' + tableOne.category_id

I have tried using the || operator instead of the + operator, but still no luck. Is it possible to do this in MySQL, or have I jumped the gun here?

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Have you tried using the concat() function?

ON tableTwo.query = concat('category_id=',tableOne.category_id)
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Perfect! I had tried using CONCAT_WS('=', 'category_id', tableOne.category_id), but it seems that was the wrong function entirely! Thank you very much! – Ben Oct 9 '13 at 2:16
This is fine. But how can I concatenate on both side of field. like adding quotes on both sides of menuid for eg: "menuid1".? – ShivarajRH Feb 27 '14 at 9:32
Since concat() accepts an arbitrary number of arguments (…), you should be able to concat('"',table.column,'"'); – quasivivo Feb 27 '14 at 23:51
SELECT ..., CONCAT( 'category_id=', tableOne.category_id) as query2  FROM tableOne 
LEFT JOIN tableTwo
ON tableTwo.query = query2
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Thank you for your answer, this is an elegant solution! – Ben Oct 9 '13 at 2:17

MySQL uses CONCAT() to concatenate strings

SELECT * FROM tableOne 
LEFT JOIN tableTwo
ON tableTwo.query = CONCAT('category_id=', tableOne.category_id)
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