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I'm trying to construct the Definite Finite Automata of a real number, that is defined as a string leading with an optional '+' or '-', followed by a single zero or non-empty sequence of digits that doesn't start with a zero. This is followed by a decimal point, which is followed by a non-empty sequence of digits.

I constructed the regular expression: /[+ | -]?(O | ([1-9][0-9]*)).[0-9]+/

It can be tested on this site:

I'm really unsure on how to go about constructing a DFA, especially considering that there must be a defined state corresponding to each input on the transition table.

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This picture might be a solution

DFA for the regex given

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I think that's NFA but OP is asking for DFA :) – Pruthvi Raj Jun 24 '15 at 16:38

You can find the DFA from the following website:

enter image description here

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