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I am having trouble getting Rinku to work correctly, i.e. turn my microposts into hyperlinks. I have installed Rinku

gem 'rinku' created a helper for microposts at app/helpers/micropost_helper.erb

require 'rinku'

module MicroPostHelper
  def add_links(text)

But I'm not sure what to do with the (text) openings. I know feed_item.content goes in there somewhere. Here is my _feed_item.html.erb

<li id="<%= feed_item.id %>">
  <%= link_to gravatar_for(feed_item.user), feed_item.user %>
    <span class="user">
      <%= link_to feed_item.user.name, feed_item.user %>
    <span class="content"><%= feed_item.content %></span>
    <span class="timestamp">
      Posted <%= time_ago_in_words(feed_item.created_at) %> ago.
  <% if current_user?(feed_item.user) %>
    <%= link_to "delete", feed_item, method: :delete,
                                     data: { confirm: "You sure?" },
                                     title: feed_item.content %>
  <% end %>

Can someone please walk me through how to get this working? I don't know how to wrap line 6 of _feed_item.html.erb in the Rinku code, or how to get the helper to work properly.

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I haven't used rinku, but it looks like you've defined a regular old ruby method in your helper. This is a method just like time_ago_in_words is-- so you can call the method and pass your feed_item.content as the argument.

That would look like:

<span class="content"><%= add_links(feed_item.content) %></span>

Does that do what you expect it to do?

EDIT: Oh, I see something else: in your add_links method definition, since you're going to be passing in feed_item.content as an argument that becomes text in the method, you need to use that in your method:

  def add_links(text)

Does that make sense?

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