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I am writing my package and get a warning when loading my package. I use the Cdqrls in some of my codes: .Call(Cdqrls, x[, id1, drop=FALSE] * w, w * z, epsilon) and I also include a lm.c file in the src folder, which includes:

SEXP Cdqrls(SEXP x, SEXP y, SEXP tol)
    SEXP ans, ansnames;
    SEXP qr, coefficients, residuals, effects, pivot, qraux;
    int n, ny = 0, p, rank, nprotect = 4, pivoted = 0;
    double rtol = asReal(tol), *work;

However, when I install my package in R, the following warning message appear:

Warning message:
In FUN(1L[[1L]], ...) :
  failed to assign NativeSymbolInfo for Cdqrls since Cdqrls is already defined in the ‘My_Package_Name’ namespace

I Googled this warning message but got nothing... So I got two specific questions:

  1. Have anyone experienced such warning before? Or could someone give me some suggestions on potential bugs/errors?

  2. This warning won't influence my codes running for now, but it is pretty annoying. Is there a way to suppress this warning message when my end-users load the package? (Sorry I know this should be avoided, but just curious:)


Just another note that may help debug the problem: I use

##'  @useDynLib My_Pkg_Name Cdqrls
##'  @keywords internal

for the function where .Call(...) is used.

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I believe it means that you have an object in your package namespace named Cdqrls and that's the name of the native symbol.

One way around it is to change your .Call to:

.Call("Cdqrls", x[,id1,drop=FALSE]*w, w*z, epsilon, PACKAGE="My_Package_Name")

Or you could change the native symbol or the other object.

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Thanks for your reply! I changed that to my package name but it still shows the warning when loading... BTW, what is the native symbol? –  alittleboy Oct 9 '13 at 22:25
@alittleboy: the "native symbol" is the name of the C/C++/Fortran function. Note that I didn't just add the PACKAGE argument, I changed .Call(Cdqrls,...) to .Call("Cdqrls",...). Did you do that? –  Joshua Ulrich Oct 10 '13 at 1:31
thanks! I changed to "Cdqrls" but it still shows the message. Currently I have the following files in my /src folder: lm.c, lm.o and My_Pkg.so, where lm.c is taken directly from base R. I also tried to change to PACKAGE="base" but still won't work... –  alittleboy Oct 10 '13 at 4:13

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