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I'm using Mehanize and want to authenticate to a site Twitter OAuth for authentication.

require 'mechanize'
agent       =
homepage    = agent.get(HOME_URL)
auth        = homepage.link_with(href: AUTH_URL)
form        = auth.form_with(action: AUTH_ACTION)
uname       = form.fields[2]
pword       = form.fields[3]
uname.value = 'uname'
pword.value = 'pword'
loggedin    = agent.submit(form, form.buttons.first)

The result is a 403 exception: echanize::ResponseCodeError: 403 => Net::HTTPForbidden for -- unhandled response

I found and tried this article which shows how to handle the exception but no luck in logging in.

Any insight in how I might get this to work?

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