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when I tried to include RestKit to my project in iOS 7 Platform, I got error file not found..

I followed this tutorial and I did exactly the same thing, but I used iOS 7 as my base platform..

I tried the example project inside restKit folder, but used iOS 7, then I got same error...

Is there any compatibility issue in iOS 7? if yes, can anyone recommend me alternate framework?

Thank you very much

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after strugling...

i solved it by compiling Restkit in its own project,,, then continue including to my own project

and its work..

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The tutorial you followed is really old. You should look at this for a guide on how to install RestKit. Ensure you're using the most recent version (don't start using 0.10 now...). The base RestKit Github page contains a number of examples and the code contains lots of tests that you can look at.

RestKit should basically always be included in your project as a reference to the RestKit project. The current version doesn't have any compatibility issues.

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