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Team, I had a task. i.e., i want to check 98% in a blcvk of data. I trying to write some regex but its giving continuous error.

String str="OAM-2 OMFUL abmasc01 and prdrot01 98% users NB in host nus918pe locked.";

but it is returning false.

Response is truly appreciated.

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Use the pattern/matcher/find method. matches applies the regex to the whole string.

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("[0-9]{2}%");
String test = "OAM-2 OMFUL abmasc01 and prdrot01 98% users NB in host nus918pe locked.";
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(test);
if(matcher.find()) {
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or (\d = digit):


The matching pattern should also match the characters that come before/after the 98% which is why you should add the .*

You can use Pattern matcher like the others suggested, it's especially effective if you want to extract 98% out of the string - but if you're just looking to find if there's a match - I find .matches() to be simpler to use.

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done, thank you for all the responses. –  user1835935 Oct 9 '13 at 7:21
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str.matches("[0-9][0-9]%") actually applies this regex ^[0-9][0-9]%$, which is anchored at start and end. Others have described solutions to this already.

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You can try this regex \d{1,2}(\.\d{0,2})?% this will match 98% or percentage with decimal values like 98.56%as well.

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\\d{1,2}(\\.\\d{0,2})?%");
String yourString= "OAM-2 OMFUL abmasc01 and prdrot01 98% users NB in host nus918pe locked.";
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(yourString);
while(matcher.find()) {
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