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I Have a HTML response. I need to parse it and generate a DOM object. After generation of DOM object I need to search a particular string inside it and get complete hierarchy of HTML tags in which it resides. Is there any NPM package available.

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You have htmlparser2 package that can parse HTML stream. You can get the DOM with DomHandler which is bundled with htmlparser2 itself. See the example given there. E.g.

var htmlparser = require("htmlparser2");
var rawHtml = "<html>your html string</html>";
var handler = new htmlparser.DomHandler(function (error, dom) {
var parser = new htmlparser.Parser(handler);
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There's an even simpler API for this now in htmlparser2:

var htmlparser = require("htmlparser2");
var dom = htmlparser.parseDOM("<html>your html string</html>");
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