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I have a SPARQL query shown below to select subjects having specific labels I defined from DBpedia.

SELECT ?subject
  ?subject rdfs:label ?label.
  FILTER ( regex (?label,"^json$", "i") )

It works for me.

And now I am trying to retrieve rdf:type of each subject by this query.

SELECT ?subject ?type
  ?subject rdfs:label ?label;
  rdf:type ?type.
  FILTER ( regex (?label,"^json$", "i") )

But I get an empty result from this.

If replacing ?subject with a specific resource, it works again.

SELECT ?type
  <> rdf:type ?type.

Cannot figure out what happens. How can I get results as expected?

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Syntactically, there's nothing wrong with your query. I think you're seeing a timeout from DbPedia. Try adding a limit clause, to see if that gives you some results.

There is more information on DbPedia's fair use policy on the web site.

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Thanks!! Adding limit or setting longer timeout both work. – SeanJ Oct 9 '13 at 7:51

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