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I'm still new in this area, have few questions.

I have JQuery from this site:

It is solve my problem regarding hyphenation. However, when I put some html tag such as <strong> or <u> the result shows no effect. My question is:
Where and how should I add the function for css attribut so that it can shows the <strong> or <u> results?


(function($){$.fn.hyphenate=function(options) {

return this.each(function(){
  var str='';
  $.each($(this).text().split(' '),function(i,chunk){str+=splitChunk(chunk)+' ';});

function splitChunk(str){
  if($('<span></span>').text(str).hide().appendTo(document.body).width() > settings.oWidth)
  {var s=''; var i=0;
    while(i < str.length)
    return s;
    return str;




<div id="d4">this will start with <u>spaces and this firstthisi<strong>sareallylongsentence</strong>withlotsots</u>andlotsofwords</div>
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About #2, You want to add/change an attribute on an element? jQuery doc and example

More about jQuery Attributes

About #1, can you elaborate more? What query are you talking about?

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Sorry, it's not query but actually jquery.hypheante.js itself. – Febri Dec 18 '09 at 6:43

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