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i want to turn off confirmation mail of mail-chimp. I have wondered every where but not getting any response from any site. How i disable . Not any mail just user click subscribe the newsletter and redirect to current site. No need to any confirmation mail from mail chimp. Is this possible.

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You cannot disable MailChimp's "double opt-in" feature if you are serving one of their proprietary subscription forms. The only way to disable the confirmation email is to create a custom subscription form that invokes the MailChimp API using the 'double_optin' => false parameter.

See MailChimp API v2.0 documentation for more info.

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I see you added a tag "wordPress" to the question. If this is really WordPress-related question, then simply use WordPress MailChimp plugin that allows you to control this from the settings page, like Chimpy Lite or any other alternative.

No need to dig into API specs if you are using WordPress and are happy with using third party plugins.

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