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Ok so I did everything tumblr asks to use a custom domain

A record pointing mydomain.com to 66 6 44 4 A record pointing www mydomain com to 66 6 44 4 Cname - pointing to domains tumblr com

And Tumblr says we don't have to change/erase our nameservers BUT turns out that mydomain keeps opening the website from my server, instead of tumblr. Which sounds natural to me, so I can't understand how can the A record own my domain instead of the nameserver?

1-) I can't leave the nameserver empty, my domain hoster doesn't allow 2-) tumblr doesn't allow their IP to be pointed as nameservers.

help :(

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When peple post here the actual domain names, it helps us to troubleshoot. –  Sandman4 Oct 9 '13 at 20:26

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What you did is right, all you need are A records for domain.com and for www.domain.com. Nameservers are not relevant here.

The fact that your setup does not work originates from some other reason, maybe old records cached somewhere etc...

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oh sandman, I'm so desperate. can't find out what is wrong :( –  kathryn Oct 9 '13 at 14:39

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