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I am writing a e-commercial site which allow user check out using the credit card, how can I accept customers' credit card to do transaction??

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As others have said PayPal is good tool amongst others to use. Having successfully done an integration with PayPal, I found the integration to be very straight forward and painless. Here is the link to the developer site, where you can find documentation, code samples and sandbox access to simulate Credit Card Transactions. I hope this helps.

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Two of the most easy ways are PayPal and Google Checkout. many others also exist. Depends on what exactly you want. Also, depending on your website, several ready-made solutions for shopping carts are available (ZenCart?).

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Various methods. Paypal is a quick and easy option, or you can go with a service like which will cost a bit, but will also provide a quick and commonly-used payment-gateway.

Depending on the ecommerce solution you're using, there are likely several creditcard-modules already developed by the community of users.

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