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... without causing major UX problems?

While I'd like to think my subscribers wouldn't share their account log on details since it's keyed off their email address, I suppose it's so easy to get throw away email addresses these days there's a good chance it could happen.

Are there any common, effective methods to prevent subscription membership account sharing? My app is in C# on ASP.NET MVC, if there are some examples on that platform I'd like to see them.

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You could simply block multiple sign-ons, which is what Spotify does. –  Keldon Alleyne Oct 9 '13 at 9:17

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use Single Signon using an OAuth2 provided who does a descent job of preventing duplicate accounts. Facebook,github etc. can be good choices, but depends on your use case.

A biometric ID would be extremely UX friendly, and will ensure non-sharing of accounts. iPhone 5S has taken the initiative. It may become a common option in next couple of years.

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