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Simple stuff,

This works without any problems:

$openMonday =  rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':');
$business->openingTimes['monday']       = isset($openMonday) ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'] : '';

But I don't want to write two lines for this because then I would have to do it also for all the other opening hours.

Why can't I just write

$business->openingTimes['monday']       = isset(rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':')) ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'] : '';

I'm always getting the error that it's expecting a variable. How can I use methods in the isset with ternary operator?

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If you need to do the same for all the other opening hours, you should try to make a function of it! So that you could write it in two lines, and be more concise when you call it. – fluminis Oct 9 '13 at 8:50
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The problem here is that isset() is not a real function but a language construct, which requires its arguments to be variables, or it issues a syntax error.

See also the manual entry:

Anyway, as also @deceze said, you probably do not want to use isset() here, since it is used to check if a variable exists.

In this case, you could use empty(), so instead of writing

$openMonday =  rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':');
$business->openingTimes['monday'] = isset($openMonday) ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'] : '';

you could do

$openMonday =  rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':');
$business->openingTimes['monday'] = !empty($openMonday) ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'] : '';

And you should not worry to make it a one-liner at any cost! Create a function instead, and then call it when needed... But if you really still want to do it inline, then you could do

$business->openingTimes['monday'] = !empty(rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':')) ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'] : '';

just remember that the above requires at least PHP 5.5!

And finally, the row above could just be written as

$business->openingTimes['monday'] = !rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':') ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'] : '';

without any need for isset() nor empty()

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Why the downvote? This answers OP question! The fact that s/he shouldn't use isset() in this case is another matter... – Matteo Tassinari Oct 9 '13 at 8:48
If the OP is going off into a completely wrong direction you find it more useful to advise him to update his PHP version instead of pointing out that he's going into the wrong direction? – deceze Oct 9 '13 at 8:49
@deceze That, IMHO, is another matter, but this answer is not wrong per-se: he asked why isset() fails, and I told him. – Matteo Tassinari Oct 9 '13 at 8:50
@deceze added a better example which does not use isset() and explains why it is wrong, as you did. – Matteo Tassinari Oct 9 '13 at 12:01
And why is empty preferable here? – deceze Oct 9 '13 at 12:05

You don't need isset here! isset is used to safely test whether... well... a variable exists. You know your variable exists, because you're declaring it on the line before. If you want to mush it into one line, you're not even using a variable, you're directly working with the value. You just want to compare the value to false, which you can do inline easily.

Just get rid of isset. And read The Definitive Guide To PHP's isset And empty.

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I understand your point, but that still wouldn't answer my questions on how do I write all of the code in just one line except in two by using a function inside the isset. Because, I don't know if the opening_hours are given so I want to do it like that : isset($result['opening_hours']['periods'][2]['open']['time']) ? $result['opening_hours']['periods'][2]['open']['time'] : ''; But, I'm getting the numbers in this format 0000 and need to transform it to 00:00 - That's why I'm asking. The above was just an example how it would work but how I don't want it to work. – Musterknabe Oct 9 '13 at 8:49
Please give a clear example of what your data looks like or may look like and what you expect the result to be. It's hard to suggest appropriate code to handle your data if all we have to go on is an overly complicated bad code sample. – deceze Oct 9 '13 at 8:51


    $business->openingTimes['monday']       = isset($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time']) ? rtrim(chunk_split($result['opening_hours']['periods'][1]['open']['time'], 2, ':'), ':') : '';

To explain what I did. I asked if the variable is set, and if so it uses the method chunk_split otherwise the string will be empty.

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