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Mainly, which is actually better? I want to know which one to use for production and what are the actual differences between them. I'm going to be using Bootstrap in them.

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As of November 2014 Adobe stopped further development of Edge Code and recommends to switch to brackets.


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I've updated this as the new correct answer, as this is the current state of things, thanks! – chabgo Mar 1 '15 at 11:04

Adobe Edge Code is a distribution of the Brackets open source project. It contains all the functionality of Brackets, plus additional extensions that integrate with other Adobe products like:

Edge Code uses the Creative Cloud desktop application to update in place. Brackets does not have an automatic update mechanism (yet).

As an open source project, Brackets releases new features more often, so there is a slight delay between when a feature lands in Brackets vs. Edge Code. Brackets also integrates with a central community-managed registry for browsing and installing extensions. Extensions must be manually installed into Edge Code.

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thanks, very helpful – chabgo Oct 12 '13 at 15:03
Refer now to @tschundee 's answer as this is the new correct state of things. Thanks :D – chabgo Mar 1 '15 at 11:05

Edge Code is dead. Adobe has stopped dev on it and recommends to switch to brackets.

Adobe edge code and brackets are both maintained by adobe. Edge Code is based on Brackets. If you are a Creative Cloud member, Edge is version is made special for you.

Here are some of the diffrences

  1. You could call Brackets as the opensource and free where as Edge code is closed.
  2. Edge code integrates well with adobe products where as Brackets does not do it out of box. Like this
  3. Brackets is updates more frequently (2-3 weeks) where as Edge is not that frequent.
  4. Brackets has a linux(debian based) support but i did not find a mention for Edge but they may.
  5. Being closed you get support from Adobe for edge.

If you have a Adobe CC licence go for Edge else Bracket is awesome enough.

As for as your question goes for bootstrap you could use any thing even Notepad or GEdit. production or not either doesn't make any difference.

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Edge Code is not paid - it's also free. You just need to sign up for an 'Adobe ID,' which gives access to the free tier of Creative Cloud. No need for a paid membership. – peterflynn Feb 26 '14 at 0:24
thanks.... i have updated it and does edge code work with linux – aWebDeveloper Feb 26 '14 at 9:05
I don't think Edge Code is supported on Linux, no. – peterflynn Feb 27 '14 at 1:51

Adobe Research have their hands full for at least another year, just to "get CC to the internal spec": keep that in mind, when you compare Edge and Brackets. Flip-flop between Brackets and Edge installs, until decided. Adobe setup a web presence to push developer types [stackoverflow] over to Brackets - this pushover happens about same time as 2 Edge items scored subscription status. Adobe says it has stopped Edge development on the pushover pages, but seems strange a company with Adobe's stature would shaft CC stuff, at the same time as some Edge products slip out of freeware into subscription access [market development]. Anyway, both products feed into Adobe development (somewhere). In other words, if you tablet (Adobe's focus?), or are into growing CC, or just plain curious, go Edge. If you are a developer and have purely Brackets [Edge] in focus, go Brackets. Given its usually (but NOT always) better stability, my choice is Brackets code view.

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