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In RTC source control, what is the difference between these two 'change set' icons :

enter image description here

enter image description here

In my setup both changes sets contain multiple files.

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The first one is a, active change set.

But the second one is the current change set, that is the one you have last chosen to checkin in.

You can checkin in as many change set as you want, in order to group related changes together.

The "current change set" is marked in the Pending Changes view with a smaller blue triangle:


From the help page:

Any change set that has not been completed can be modified by operations such as check in, move, undo, and remove; and is said to be an active change set.
Active change sets cannot be shared with other repository workspaces because they are not stable.
In any workspace, there can many active change sets for a component, but only one can be the current change set.

If you have more than one active change set in a workspace, one of them is identified as the current change set (the one in which all check-ins accumulate by default).

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