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I'm trying to find the last operator (+, -, * or /) in a string.

I was trying to use the method string.indexof('operator', i);, but in this case I could only get the single type of operator. Is there any better solution for this?

The value of string could, for example, be:




It means the last operator could be any of them.

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+1, good question. I know how to do this, but it wouldn't be elegant, so until I work out a way this could be done concisely (using something like LINQ) I'll wait to see other suggestions. EDIT: Sorted, there's a method for this. –  DeeMac Oct 9 '13 at 9:28

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The LastIndexOfAny method is what you're after. It will take an array of characters, and find the last occurrence of any of the characters.

var myString = "1/2-3+4*7";
var lastOperatorIndex = myString.LastIndexOfAny(new char[] { '+', '-', '/', '*' });

In this scenario, lastOperatorIndex == 7

If you're wanting to store the char itself to a variable you could have:

var myString = "1/2-3+4*7";
var operatorChar = myString[myString.LastIndexOfAny(new char[] { '+', '-', '/', '*' })];
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well this is a nice solution to this issue. –  mega6382 Oct 9 '13 at 9:49

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