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This is long shot but I am desperate so i will ask the question anyway.

I am currently using the excellent vlc wrapper created by Roman Ginzburg. This is the link to the article/code:


I have an IP camera that returns a RTSP stream to my C# Winform App using his wrapper. I have download the latest 64 bit version of VLC. I have made sure I am using the correct DLLs and Plugins directory.

I have changed my target platform to be 'Any CPU'.

I use the exact same arguments (passed to libVLC.dll).

They are:

        string[] args2 = new string[] 
            "--live-caching=100 ",

{I have tried commenting out/in all scenarios)

I run the project and I get a stream of black images. Yet If I open a DOS prompt and type in vlc.exe 'my rtsp url' then vlc starts up and streams my rtsp.

Now I read somewhere that VLC will automatically add the additional command arguments it needs and upon further inspection it is using live555. I have tried adding this as an argument and if i add 'live555', I get no error but no image. If I add '--live555' I get an error telling me the argument is no good.


Either I have missed something and have not copied all the required files - which i doubt. Or, it is down to the arguments I need to pass. If I knew how to pass 'live555' as an argument then i can rule that in or out.

Any advice/opinions would be merciful.


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Just check if the IP Camera supports 64bit. I was facing with a similar problem. Recently, a new 64bit firmware was updated to the Ipcamera. –  Vinshi Oct 29 '13 at 20:02

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