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Trying to hash a password in laravel four using Hash::make('password'); and get the error Bcrypt hashing not supported. in return.

Mcrypt is installed and phpinfo() confirms this, what else could be wrong?

Debian 6.0 X64 with PHP 5.3.3-7.

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The Laravel requirements are PHP >=5.3.7

You said you are running 5.3.3-7 - which is less than 5.3.7

Can you upgrade your PHP version?

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As The Shift Exchange said, 5.3.7 is the minimum for a 'vanilla' Laravel 4, but there is at least one option, if you really cannot upgrade your PHP server. This one will drop the minimum PHP version for Laravel 4 to 5.3.2:

Before using it, weigh your security needs, because it will also drop the security level of your hashes.

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