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I am trying to create a directive this way -

scope.nodeTemplate = '{{node.nodeText}}';

Part of template

'<ul>' +
    '<li class="tree-node" data-ng-repeat="node in nodes">' +
        '<span>' + scope.nodeTemplate + '</span>' +
    '</li>' +

Based on some condition I would like to change the nodeTemplate and it can be an html string like -

'<input type="text"/>'

But the issue is when it try to do this thing angular does not render the html. It simply puts the html string. I am kind of stuck here. Can someone suggest some solution?

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this can help you:… – lu cip Oct 9 '13 at 10:48

You need to use ng-bind-html-unsafe like:

'<span ng-bind-html-unsafe="nodeTemplate"></span>'
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