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I'm using Maven Jdocbook Plugin to generate a PDF document. I'm using the Customization Layer (Custom XSL) to overide the default Format of the Docbook Implementation which is specified in stylesheetResource parameter of jdocbook-plugin of pom.xml

As i want to achieve a very customized look (Custom titlepage and header and footer with images) I'm spending much time with trying different approaches in the Customized XSL and/or the docbook xml (the source document where content is defined) too see how it finally looks in the generated PDF

What would help me is to see how my Custom Stylesheet (and the docbook impl stylesheets) are applied to my docbook xml (content). After reading various Docbook Manuals i have the opinion that what i am looking for is the XML-FO Document which is representing the final PDF.

To get the FO i executed 'mvn org.jboss.maven.plugins:maven-jdocbook-plugin:xslfo'. What i got was a valid FO Document including

<fo:root xmlns:fo="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format">

However inside the FO there is not any content. All the images and text i see in the pdf are missing inside the FO.

Finally I'm asking the following questions:

  1. In the Docbook concept does the fo include the PDF's structure, formatting AND content ?
  2. If yes: Any chance to get this final FO with the maven jdocbook plugin ?
  3. If no: Alternatively - how can i see how the transformation i define in custom xsl is applied to the final xml ? For instance how can i see what is the final value of a parameter which is used in custom xsl ?
  4. How can I enable DEBUG Output of the Docbook processor? All I get is a logfile which prints INFO, WARNING and SEVERE. Mvn -X did not help, also not changing slf4j's default loglevel in simplelogger.properties (mvn 3.1.0)
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