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it's my first try to ask question.

I have two EMF diagrams of different classes. Based on this two EMF's I create rcp apps using gmf tools.

Then I create diagram in first editor and save it in xml files (first xml contains information about elements and connections between them, second contains information about element's coordinates)

Then I use information from first xml file to create information for second EMF.

So my question: How and where in code i can fill information of EMF and where i can fill information of element's coordites for craete with generated methods of gmf a xml files for second EMF?

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I can hardly understand what you want to do. Can you add some links to depicting images or xmi files to try to figure out anything?. In response to your question title, you can always use EMF API to programmatically do whatever you want to do to your models. Have a look to this nice blog entry which talks about EMF API. –  ASBH Oct 13 '13 at 10:17

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