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I'm looking for technical input on Android User Profiles (both full & restricted). More specifically I would like to understand:

  • Whether it is possible to create an app which runs across all profiles, i.e. is not stopped, paused, restarted when switching user profile. My focus is NOT limited to activities, but I'm also interested in knowing whether a system-app/service could be created that does this and if so how.

  • What life-cycle is maintained for services of the non-active users. I get the impression that (at least some) services of APKs of a user get started the moment it gets activated in the lock screen (even without unlocking) and then are allowed to keep on running. But what will happen in low-memory conditions? Will a service of a non-active user also receive broadcast intents? Can such a service interact with the user and if so how?

In general: can someone point me to any technical information on the Android profiles features? There's a lot of articles on how it "looks" to the user, but I could find very little (apart from info on the pm and am command-line tools' options) on how it really works technically.

Thanks in advance!

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