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I'd like to create a patch reflecting changes to an unversioned file. I have both "before change" and "after change" versions and Tortoise Diff is happy to compare them. Can I also make a patch reflecting those changes with Tortoise SVN?

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I have TortoiseSVN installed and if I select to show unversioned files, I can select Diff from the context menu. This will open WinMerge, where I can choose "Tools"->"Generate Patch" to create a Diff-file.

Update: Just tested without WinMerge. If you choose two files, Diff open TortoiseMerge, where you can choose "Edit"->"Create unified diff file".

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  1. In Windows Explorer right click on your svn working copy directory.
  2. Select TortoiseSvn -> Create Patch.
  3. Select 'Show Unversioned Files' checkbox.
  4. Select the files to include and press OK.

(this was with TortoiseSVN 1.6.5, Build 16974 - 32 Bit)

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This will only create a patch againts current svn, not a patch between the two unversioned files, or not? –  Sven Lilienthal Dec 18 '09 at 14:21

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