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First of all thank you for this site, I'm a terrible coder and so i need your help with making a batch script, i try to extract only lines that contains Copy " in that line from a text file by using findstr which actually works without that whitespace and double quote. But it will extract the line with "Copy and Help" too which i don't need.


My text contains (source.txt)

asd Copy and help with these command prompt:
  asd Copy "c:\.." a b c(white space)
 asd Copy and help with these command prompt:
Copy "d:\.." a c c(tab space)
    Copy "e:\.." a a c

Output file (op.txt) (should be)

Copy "c:\.." a b c
Copy "d:\.." a c c
Copy "e:\.." a a c

After my original code I tried to use

findstr /c:"Copy ^"" > op.txt
but this doesn't work. To let the findstr know to search a line containing
Copy "
Copy[whitespace][double quote]

Updated section

First off my required batch script is working from help by foxidrive. There is still some tweak to do, but i will post it as another question. This question is answered.

This is my updated code for now.

SET source="details.txt"
IF EXIST %source% (
  FIND /i "copy " <%source% |FIND "\" >op.txt
) ELSE (

Thanks foxidrive for the start off and solving my first issue.

Sorry for my English, it's poor like my coding

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A simplistic solution is to use this

find ":\" <source.txt  >op.txt

Or this is another workaround:

find ":\" <source.txt |find /i "copy " >op.txt
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I do apologize about my not more detailed text version, my text version with the "Copy and help..." has also a colon (:) in the line aswell. So i tried to use /c:"Copy ^"" but this doesn't work. To let the findstr know to search a line containing Copy " –  Double Quotes Oct 9 '13 at 14:11
Does the above edited answer help at all? –  foxidrive Oct 9 '13 at 16:17
After some tries i got it worked with your suggestion find /i "copy " <%source% |find "\" >op.txt and also worked with find ":\" <source.txt |find /i "copy " >op.txt –  Double Quotes Oct 9 '13 at 16:28
Is it ok to use find /i "copy " <%source% |find "\" >op.txt ? –  Double Quotes Oct 9 '13 at 16:30
That's good. Yes you can search either string first and your syntax looks ok. Enclose %source% in double quotes if you use long filenames or pathnames or & in the name. –  foxidrive Oct 9 '13 at 16:39
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