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I have been working with ng-grid and AngularJS to get an grid with on-demand filtering on the server-side. I have it working except for every key entered the $watch is called twice and inside the $watch callback the memory state is the same between the two causing my asynch POST to get called twice for the same data. The HTML snippet is shown below:

        span.input-group-addon Filter

The code used is below. An example sequence of events:

  1. Type 'a' in input box
  2. $watch is called
  3. newVal = 'a', oldVal = '', oldFilter = null, filter = 'a'
  4. oldFilter = 'a'
  5. refresh() is called causing an HTTP POST
  6. $watch is called again
  7. newVal = 'a', oldVal = '', oldFilter = null, filter = 'a' (why is oldFilter null again?)
  8. oldFilter = 'a'
  9. refresh() is called

Why is the memory state not updated between two back to back $watch events and how can I guard against this?

$scope.refresh = function refresh() {    
    $http.post('/users/refresh',{ // async call 
        success(function(data) {
            $scope.users = data.users; // already converted to JSON object
            $scope.count = data.count;
$scope.oldFilter = null;
$scope.$watch('filter', function(newVal,oldVal) {
    if (newVal === oldVal) return; // skip initialization
    if ($scope.filter == $scope.oldFilter) return;
    if (newVal != oldVal) {
        $scope.oldFilter = $scope.filter;
}, false);
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