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I am looking to create a custom composite activity in WF 4.5

The problem statement :

Create a custom activity with some pre defined properties and variables. The developer should be able to use this activity as a base and drag and drop other out of the box/ custom activities in it.

I have looked at various samples on the net and I have found the following sample which does exactly what i need.

However it seems that with WF 4.5 the classes mentioned in the sample above have been deprecated. Is there a way to achieve what is done the sample above in WF 4.5 ?

Any links articles or samples which show how this can be done in WF 4.5 would help.

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You should follow the sample for .NET 4.5 instead, more specifically the composite activities samples. – João Angelo Oct 9 '13 at 13:36

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In WF4 composite activities can be achieved through IActivityTemplateFactory:

public sealed class CompositeActivity : IActivityTemplateFactory
    public Activity Create(DependencyObject target)
        return new Sequence
            Variables = {
                new Variable<string>("MyStringVar"),
                new Variable<int>("MyIntegerVar")
            Activities = {
                new WriteLine { Text = "My first activity within the composite" },
                new Delay { Duration = new InArgument<TimeSpan>(a => TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)) },
                new WriteLine { Text = "My third activity within the composite" }

The designer knows IActivityTemplateFactory so it will show up on toolbox as any other activity.

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thanks @Jota I used your answer and some more research to achieve my objective. I ended up deriving my custom class from NativeActivity and IActivityTemplateFactory. – Pratik Oct 17 '13 at 11:17

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