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I am using TortoiseGit I would like to study what changes were done in a given branch. On the command line, I would checkout this branch and launch git cherry -v origin/master, which would give me the list of commits in the current branch that are not in master.

How can I do the same in TortoiseGit? I imagine there would be a way to filter the log window so that it would only show these commits...

I was given a pointer to this tortoisegit bug report. It implies I should be able to do this since version 1.8.2, but I didn't find how...

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  1. Update to latest version of TortoiseGit
  2. Open Log dialog
  3. Click on the blue label (the branch indicator) in the left upper corner -> the browse references dialog opens
  4. Select the two branches you want to compare
  5. Click on "OK" -> a menu appears, select the "..." entry there
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